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Duo Cannella Dubès Nausicaa Cannella Vincent Dubes
Duo Cannella Dubès Nausicaa Cannella Vincent Dubès

Classical Guitar Magazine (USA)

"...another winning album from beginning to end"

More great music, more historic guitars! Here, the guitars are two Panormos: one made by George Panormo in 1828, the other by his son, George Louis Panormo, in 1869. They are played expertly here by the Cannella-Dubès Duo: Nausicaa Cannella and Vincent Dubès, who studied together under Odair Assad at the Royal Conservatory of Mons, Belgium. Dubès is also a luthier himself.  I’m happy to say it’s another winning album from beginning to end, and in every aspect—the sparkling recording is by Frédéric Briant in Belgium.

The album begins with a Bach “Prelude and Fugue” from the Well-Tempered Clavier, which the duo dispatch with tremendous confidence and elan. Next are two three-part works by Fernando Sor. The duo’s liner notes describe Fantasie, Op. 54 bis as one of Sor’s most characteristically Iberian-sounding pieces, but it strikes me as a standard, regionally non-specific classical work until the back half of the concluding “Allegro.” Still, it’s an attractive, fun piece. Much more interesting musically (to me) is Sor’s Souvenir de Russie, Op. 63, which he composed following a stint living in Russia in the 1820s, and based in part on a couple of traditional Russian songs. It’s Romantic character is ideally suited to these guitars and musicians; such a fine performance!

We stay in Russia and return to “Preludes and Fugues” with the next number, courtesy of Dmitri Shostakovich (1906–1975), who wrote his own 24 Prélude et fugues in 1950, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Bach’s death. Cannella-Dubès play “No. 8,” which the liner notes accurately suggest is dominated by an Eastern European klezmer theme in the Prelude, “full of life, with a hint of bitterness, to which he opposes the fugue, the longest of the [entire] opus, dark and melancholic.” And moving, I would add!

Given the first three composers represented on the disc, the final selection surprised me: The sentimental old American folk tune Shenandoah, which dates back to the early 19th century and has found its way into the repertoire of so many American folk and country musicians. Indeed, I’ve heard it most of my life, first encountering it in early elementary school in the suburbs of New York in the late 1950s. The version here is among the prettiest I’ve heard, and not at all out of place on this fine, centuries-spanning album. Interestingly, the duo notes that “the two versions [of Shenandoah] that particularly inspired us to arrange this piece are [American jazz players] Keith Jarrett’s and Charles Lloyd’s.” I’m going to have hunt those down. In the meantime, I’ll happily wallow in this one!

Blair Jackson, Classical Guitar Magazine 

Minor 7th Magazine (USA)

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Guitare Classique Magazine (France)
Notre CD aux premières loges !
Duo Cannella Dubès magazine

Nausicaa Cannella et Vincent Dubès forment un duo bien singulier puisqu'ils jouent sur des instruments du XIXème un répertoire qui dépasse ce siècle, allant de Bach à Shostakovitch en passant, bien sûr, par l'inévitable Sor. Et on peut dire que ça fonctionne très bien. Leurs Panormo de 1828 et 1869 se marient merveilleusement à la musique de Bach lui conférant une chaleur inattendue après le clavecin pour lequel est écrit ce Prélude et fugue BWV 884. Après le "Cantor de Leipzig", une place de choix est laissée à Sor. La vivacité et la dynamique proposées par le duo dans la fantaisie opus 54 bis contrastent avec le côté mélancolique de Souvenir de Russie opus 63. Ces oeuvres de salon retrouvent leur lustre au son des instruments de l'époque qui les a vu naître. Plus surprenant sur ces instruments est le Prélude et fugue n°8 de Shostakovitch. Le thème klezmer du Prélude sautille et danse à souhait là où la fugue se veut sombre. La langueur de Shenandoah, chanson traditionnelle américaine, clôture en douceur ce disque qui s'écoute avec plaisir.

Laurent Durosselle, Guitare Classique #82 /Juin-Août 2018

Radio France
Radio France
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Duo cannella dubès Orfeo Panormo guitar
Radio Alma
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Concert in Lyon 
Duo Cannella Dubès Pablo Marquez Galerie des luthiers
Duo Cannella Dubès
Souvenir with the great Pablo Márquez and Maurice and Alice Freton from  "Galerie des Luthiers"
Surprise after the concert in Bristol : The Panormo's descendants !
Album release : Sold out at Arsonic !
Duo cannella dubes arsonic mons
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